Monday, March 21, 2011

Modesty is NOT one of my Qualities!

I have been busy these past few weeks.  The Man Finally came home, I had the opportunity to save a life (metaphorically speaking), and have been sleeping!  LOL.

I talked to a lady, we'll call her Mrs. R a few months ago about fixing her bridesmaids dress.  About 2 weeks ago I got a frantic call from her wondering if I could help her.  Of course I could.  Brad was coming home, I would be able to sew without interuption, so I told her to drop by and I'd see what we were up against.

When Mrs. R arrived she was very unsure if I could fix it.  Little did she know "I can fix anything"  (I really am modest!  lol) and that is exactly what I proceeded to do.  Over the next week we had a few fittings and the dress was taking shape.  I basically ripped it apart and reconstructed it from the ground up.  She had also purchased a couple extra of the matching shawls that came with dress.  They were slightly off in color, but really you only noticed it if you were a perfectionist like me.  Oh how I agonized over the color match, until THe Man told me to leave it alone, I've done the best I could.

Mrs. R was ecstatic when she tried on her dress fro the final fitting and was amazed how comfortable it was.  She didn't mind the color shading and I don't think would have noticed it had I not pointed it out.  She Left with a smile on her face.

Mrs. R has to have been my favorite client to work with to date!  She was easy to talk to, had fun stories and was generally a happy cheery person every single time she came to visit.  I LOVE working with people like that! 

Thank you Mrs. R!

I have one more modern dress to fix.....the pretty pink confection of ruffles and sequins.....before I can get back to the 18thc century although I have been side tracked an am planning a Victorian/Steampunk/Alice in Wonderland Confection, I might just abandon the 18th century for that....LOL.



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  1. No you can't do do that! I have stays and a gown that I need in a month or two and you have to fix Grace's dress for no 19th century garb until the 18th is complete:)