Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Day the Snow Came.

Well, it's September 16th and we are having our first snow storm of the season....I am excited and dismayed.  One because our wonderful summer has officially ended and two...ITS THAT MUCH CLOSER TO YULE/CHRISTMAS!!!!  YIPPEE!!!  My 3rd youngest, Max told me that its Christmas time now, gotta get the tree up! Hmmmmm....I think its a bit early.

Before Mother Nature decided there had been enough summer, Max had also asked me to make him some "Fresh Cookies".  Of course how can you say no to the cutest little guy ever!  I made 2 types of cookies Banana Oatmeal Cookies, which are so yummy and a great alternative to banana bread; and two Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies, a recipe I had never tried before.  Here it is:

Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies

2 cups flour
1/4 cup sugar1/4 tsp salt
1 cup margerine
2 tsp vanilla
sesame seeds
preserves (jam) any flavor
1 egg

1. Cream butter and sugar together, add egg and vanilla and stir, add salt and flour and incorporate.
2.  Form into balls and roll in sesame seeds, place on cookie sheet
3.  Make thumbprint in the center of each cookie, and fill with 1/4 tsp of jam
4.  Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes, let cool for a few minutes and the remove from pan.

I did a few things to cut corners and save time.  First, I put the sesame seeds in a plastic bag so i could shake them to coat them in the seeds and Second, I used a 1/4 tsp measuring spoon.  It was small enough to fit in the little indentation and gave me the right amount of strawberry jam.  I also made these cookies with my own strawberry jam that I canned last season.

I think this is a great basic recipe....I am imagining lemon curd, raspberry jam, chocolate, double chocolate, apple, mango....the possibilities would and can be endless. They look fabulous and taste soooo  YUMMY!  They literally melt in your mouth!



Sunday, September 12, 2010

13 Days and Counting....

13 days to go and I am doing house and exciting eh?  Still have lots to pack but the bedroom is off limits during the day as DH is sleeping.  Stupid night shift so I am left to pack the rest of the house, which is pretty much done I think.  I can't really pack any of the things that I am currently using: blankets, clothes, towels, toys, utensils etc.  So I have been sorting and trashing and making bread.....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Count Down to Nova Scotia...14 days I started planning a garage sale last week and a few of my friends decided to jump on board.  So today when I woke up at 7:30 am, I was very disappointed...It was RAINING!   Great!  Now I have a house full of junk in boxes that I can't get rid of.

So I made my morning coffee and visited with hubby for a bit and the rain I got my friends together and convinced them that we could do it and the rain wouldn't bother us.

We had a good day.  Lots of lookers and few buyers. I wish it was the other way around tho since we can't take a whole lot of stuff with us.  I'd rather make some pin money rather that leave it behind to collect dust.

14 days left till we leave on our journey across Canada, this time with the whole family.  I'm excited to have Brad see the house in person for the very first time and I hope (fingers crossed) he's gonna love it as much as I do!  Only time will tell....

Blessed Be

Photo:Ashley D. Crouse Photography, Ashley D. Crouse on Deviant Art

Monday, September 6, 2010

Easy Peasy Breakfast Latkes

I have found THE BEST breakfast food ever!  The Latke!  I stole the base recipe from here!  Thank you Amy for posting it.  This is my version, and my picky eaters loved it too...

Easy Peasy Breakfast Latkes

2 medium potatoes, shredded and excess liquid drained off
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
3 pieces of deli black forest ham, cut into small pieces
2 eggs, beaten
1/4 cup bread crumbs
salt & pepper to taste
1/4 tsp onion powder
2 tbsp oil
2 tbsp margerine

Preheat pan on medium heat, add oil and margerine to pan.  Meanwhile mix everything together in a bowl.  Form into round flat cakes and cook until brown on both sides. 

Better Late than Never!

WOW!   So I would like to take this time to apologize for seriously lacking in my writings....It has been one wicked busy Summer....We bought a house in Nova Scotia, so I had to drive across country by myself for the closing; My husband and I FINALLY went on our honeymoon, (took us 5 years); and we had a six week vacation!

 We bought my Dream House....Its huge!  It is a 6 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath, 3000 sq Heritage DREAM!!!!!  There's only one problem....Its across Canada, AWAY from my family.  My husband and I originally are from BC, so this is a huge, HUGE move.  At the end of June I took a road trip across Canada with my oldest son, and it was amazing!  Before I left I got lots of comments of disbelief that I was gonna do it.  A neighbour told me he would never let his wife do that, I thought that was strange that he should be the one to "let " her do it.  But that's another topic for another day.  I did it anyways, 12 to 14 hour days driving with the company of a 7 year old.  We took the seats out of the back of the van and slept on an air mattress at truck stops and camp grounds.  We made it in 5 days.  Boy was I happy to stop driving, but so happy to be at my new house.

We closed the deal on the house, the roofers started the new roof, and Helga (my new blue crowbar), Cole and I ripped out the rotten deck and the horrible carpet and tile the previous owners had put in the kitchen.  Who puts carpet in a kitchen, especially when the rest of the house has old wide plank flooring?!?!?!? After the a few weeks of bliss, we had to leave...and drove back across Canada again.

We got back home, stayed for all of 2 days and then we were off again, this time the whole crew and drove to BC for the start of our summer holidays.