Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adventures in Breeches....The Finale.

The Breeches are done!

The Man looks great in them too!  I have a few alterations to make to the pattern.  The opening on the sides of the fall front gape a bit, so I need to shorten that. and take out about a cm in the center front so it doesn't bag and it lays flat.

I also have to work out the sequence of construction better.  There were a few issues while sewing that I want to address for the next pair.  Its pretty good for a finished muslin.  I did do two other muslins first and then decided I need to to have a finished one.  These are made out of linen and are completely machine stitched.  I will hand stitch the next pair on all the elements that require top stitching.

Has the right amount of baggy him the illusion of perkyness...LOL!
A little baggy in the  CF.  Gonna take out about 1.5 cm and it should lay flat.
I think I need to shorten the width of the band so it hits the back of the knee and you can see the curve of the calf.
The placket opening is a bit too long.  Although you can't see it in this picture.
The gusset needs to be a bit bigger and the waistband needs to be longer.  I want him to be able to gain weight and still be able to wear these.  He tends to get heavier in the winter than in the summer, so I need the extra wiggle room.

They are missing buttons, which I don't have.  I looked through my HUGE button jar and the only thing I have alot of are plastic ones.  I wasn't really feeling up to cutting out a ton of circles and doing fabric covered buttons. 

I also tried to keep the bum as fitted as I could and still allow unrestricted movement.  I think it's baggy enough to give the look of 18th century breeches without the excess saggy diaper look.

I think once I have the pattern perfect then I will try to make a pair out of Chamois leather.  Buckskin breeches would look yummy on him!


  1. These look awesome! I *stink* at breeches--I've only made a couple pairs and I can't figure out if they actually look bad or if I just hated making them so much that I convinced myself they did. Could have been b/c they were wool--and all those layers of thick wool were awful to sew through. Mr. Yuck face.

  2. Thank you! A trick I use when I'm working with wool is to use a cotton for any facings that I can. I also grade the seams, it helps cut down the bulk as well. I still have to figure out how I'm gonna to the pattern for the leather breeches, But that will come later. At least he has something to wear now. I hate the saggy bum look in breeches. So I tried to get the "look" of period with all the gathers but without the excess material. I'll probably keep modifying the pattern till it's perfect. I still think I have a ways to go.