Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time to Buckle Down.....

So I MUST be ADD or it must me my Gemini nature, but I just realized I have like 4 bazillion sewing projects going on simultaneously and none are getting anywhere fast!

Here`s the list:

(hopefully its not as big as I think it is)

1.  Transitional stays for everyday wear.  I have done many mock ups and have finally gotten to a good working pattern for a modern cup, but would still like to figure out a gathered cup version.  I should finish these as I noticed after taking off my bra last night the lovely red marks and indentations left by band and underwires.  I though to myself I really want to get these finished.

2.  The Casaquin in copper silk.  I`m still slowly working on it.  I have the interlining cut out but I`m stalled as I keeping thinking about all the hand basting that is gonna be involved in order to attach the silk too the cotton.  Groan!

3.  Knee Breaches.  The pattern and mock up are done and have been sitting around for at least 2 weeks waiting for a man to try them on.  I did however ship them off to Mrs. S down the road and am waiting on the verdict on how well they fit her Knight in Shining Armour.

4.  Partially boned front lacing 1780ish stays for Mrs. S.  The toile and pattern are done I just have to cut them out or good fabric and start.  I`m a little intimidated by them tho.  I have done my own, although not finished and more of a toile than actual finished project, but I`m still daunted by the work that needs to go into these.  After all they will be my first finished set of stays....I know silly reason eh?

5.  Felted wool booties.  I have made a pattern and many mock ups and now have a good booties pattern for my littlest Mister.  I still haven't found a charcoal grey piece of wool yet.  So these are on hold till I find something usable at the local Sally Ann.

6.  Yellow linen mitts.  I found some linen napkins at the Sally Ann and finally figured out what I'm gonna do with them.  Mitts.  So i did some research, spent all day yesterday drafting and fitting the pattern and promptly hand sewed one up.  Now I have to make another one.  What is it with me than when things come in pairs and I've learned how to do something, and it should be SO easy to do another, I get caught up in the "Gawd I have to do another one?"  LOL  Maybe because its hand sewn.  Yah thats the reason! 

Yup I have alot on the go.... I guess its time to give myself a kick in the ass and start finishing


Katy " BUT I don't WANNA!"


Katy "Fine!  I will but I'm not gonna like it!"

Really I'm not crazy, I just have two selves waring with each other, thanks to my Astrological sign.   No big deal.....I mean who else can be alone in a room with herself and be beside herself at the same time. 


Maybe now that I have everything listed I can start to focus again and work methodically through the list....Ugh....Lists.


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