Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I just realized I haven`t posted pictures of me in my finished Polonaise!  How very bad of me.  Or typical depending on how well you know me.  I always move on and get busy doing something else.  Here it is without further ado....


And the Hair which I am EXTREMELY proud of.  It only took my about and hour or so to do and it is almost ALL of my own hair.  The long bit in the back was fake of course since I have VERY short hair.  I took apart a clip in ponytail extention which had three seperate skeins of hair.  One I ended up burning while trying to do the curl test with the iron so I balled that up in a lump of hair and stuffed in a netting.  The second one I braided and looped onto a ponytail I did with my hair at the top and then coiled it around in a bun.  Onto it, I attached the lump in a hair net and then I started Teasing ans spraying the HECK out of my hair and pinning into place.  When I got to about halfway down my head from the top I started curling and pinning the short bits into place.  After all the hair was up, I pinned on the third extension piece to create the curly tendrils.  I wet the hair and pin curled it and let it dry over night.  Some of the curls fell out, so I think I am gonna try the boiling water method of curling it.

Lovely Eh?