Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stew Pot Sundays.

Well I've decided to turn Sunday into Stew Pot Sundays on my blog.  Every Sunday I will have a one dish meal, made with the crock pot or the stew pot on the stove.  Hows that for lazy goodness?!?!

Today I had a birthday party to go to from 2 till 4 for a friend of Ashton's.  I was not looking forward to getting home at 4:30 with 4 kids who were crashing from all the sugary cake and icing, ice cream and pop AND then trying to deal with the fall out while simultaneously cooking supper.  Not my idea of fun!

So instead I took out 3 bone in skin covered chicken thighs, defrosted them and whipped out my crock pot.  I thought at first I was gonna do a stir fry type dish, but soon found out my pantry and fridge disagreed.  I removed the skin from the thighs and started to debone them and decided it was a wasted effort, as the slow cooking was gonna make the chicken fall off the bone anyways.  I chunked up 3 stalks of celery, skinned and chunked 1 turnip, chunked a few potatoes skin left on, and threw in a few handfuls of baby carrots.  Topped it all off with 3 cups of water and 2 knorr chicken bouillon cubes.  I turned the crock on high for 4 hours.

When I got home the house smelled so yummy and I had 15 minutes left on the clock for cooking time.  Hows that for timing!  I then added 2 tbsp of cornstarch to 1/2 cup COLD water and then added that to the pot so the juices would thicken up into a gravy.  We don't really do a thick thick gravy so if you like it that way you can add more cornstarch.

And of course since I died from how wonderful it tasted and how easy it was to make, I just HAD to share it.


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