Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Start of Something Fabulous!

Well we are finally moved into our new house...sans most of the furniture, so we are sitting on an air mattress that deflates constantly.  But we do have beds and a dining room table and chairs soooo i do have an area to sew. Even if its somewhat makeshift.

I have been think into the throes of remodeling, stripping wallpaper, patching holes, and painting and even though that is an on going process, I am feeling the need to sew for some fun.  Yup thats me, adding yet another thing to do onto my big list...LOL!

Before we moved, I wanted to make a 1890's bustle dress, just to see if I could do it.  Along the way it has changed into a 1770's or so polonaise.  I am almost finished sewing the bustle crinoline which can be modified based on the different shapes of the bustle. Since we lived in a place with no fabric stores and little access to sewing supplies I had to improvise and found that plastic zip ties are the best alternative to boning.  You can get lengths of 1 to 4 feet at 1/4 inch wide in packages of 10 for only about 6 bucks at the hardware store.  Fabulous and economical alternative.

I have also started on a ruffled petticoat to go over the crinoline because ti drives me absolutely insane when I see someone else's costume and you can see the bones of the crinoline showing through.  To me that is tacky and ugly.  You spent all that time making a beautiful re-creation dress and didn't make a petticoat to hide the bones.  Why? So  I am making one out of cotton sheeting, (remember lack of fabric stores), and its turning out fabulous.  It gives my bustle a soft feel to it. 

I have also finally  drafted and after multiple fittings and muslin mock ups have made the stays for the polonaise.  I just have to make it to the fabric store and pick out my lining fabric.  I was going to be using a cotton but have since changed my mind and am gonna be using a vintage cream colored duchess satin silk that I had leftover from an obi I took apart.

My goal is to have this completed by the summertime 2011 and I'm hoping that by blogging the progress you guys will keep me on track and working at it.  I will gather my supplies and start taking pictures of what I have already done and post them in the next few days. 

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