Monday, November 22, 2010

Thar be Petticoats Glore.

Okay well not that many petticoats but one at least.  I had a wonderful day of sewing yesterday and made a cotton petticoat since I was unable to work on the stays.  It turned out perfect.  It was an exercise in winging it!  LOL. I used sources from Jessamyn's Regency Costuming Page for the measurements and Koshka the Cat for the technique.  Thank you Ladies!


Box pleat in the center front and Knife pleats towards the side

I was originally going to make a chemise but after washing the cotton organdy and pressing it, I realized that the stiffness of the fabric was not sue to the sizing, but due to the weave.  So, unfortunately it is not gonna work.  It will however work great for the bottom flounce on the petticoat, so that is my agenda for the day.  As well as, putting the rest of the channels in the stays, boning it, and sewing the grommets by hand.  I won't be doing the binding until I have done a final fitting.  No sense in doing it all and then finding out they don't fit.  Although at this point i think I can live if they don't fit perfectly....we'll see!

I will also make a new bumroll, as the one I made for my Bustle dress won't work, it's extends to far out the back and doesn't wrap around the hips.  I may or may not make Pocket hoops.  I'm still not sure if the polonaise requires them.  Around the 1780's Panniers went out of style for day time dress, but were still used for court functions.  Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

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