Monday, November 8, 2010

THE Wedding.

A week or so ago we went back to BC for a wedding.  Boy was that fun! Can you hear the sarcasm?  Well the wedding itself was fun, the bride and groom sure threw one heck of a party!  It was the events leading up to the wedding that were crazy!

We had been in the new house for about a month when we had to go back to BC.  It was an expensive trip that honestly we could have done without, but since we gave our word we made it happen.   There's no doubt we could have used the 4000 elsewhere, but we had made commitments, Willow had asked me to make her wedding cake and DH was a groomsman in the bridal party.

So Since DH was working in The Fort, we got to drive to Qtown, whereas I had the pleasure of flying with all for boys across the country, TWICE!  Boy was that a challenge.  Its amazing how many people think you are a super hero for doing that and while I appreciate the sentiment, it's still a very irritating venture.  One that had to be done whether it was alone or with help.

The Kids were so excited to fly...their first time on a plane, (and their last with me for a very long time, lol).  Security in the airport was a gong show.  I thought going through security by myself was crazy....try travelling with kids.  They search and test everything!   Like I, a mother travelling with 4 children, is gonna highjack the plane and crash it....I have enough to contend with without adding to the pile.

The Baby ended up getting an ear infection from the trip and even though he was sick he was a pretty easy traveller.  I on the other hand lost a boarding pass after going through security and left my wallet on a plane.  Thankfully it was the last one and they managed to find it and put it in lost an found for me.  I swear I'd loose my head if it wasn't attached.  I'm forever loosing things and was very glad I didn't leave a kid behind somewhere. lol

We arrived safe and sound in Qtown, and thats when the pre wedding craziness started.  It took me 3 days to make the cake and it was pretty ambitious.  I thought for sure I would get to visit with the DH, since I hadn't seen him in a while, but alas, cake had to come first.  To the disappointment of both of us, (to top it of I was having that girly thing we have every month, LIKE COME ON!!! lol)  The first day we made a run to Prince to get some cake supplies, 200 bucks later, we arrive back to moms an I started the roses all hand mae and all edible.  It took me two days to make 20 roses.  Then here was the cake, the icing, the edible hand painted lace, then putting it all together.  THEN I found out that it all had to be done by the 30th, when I had originally been told the wedding was on the 31st.  So frustrating.  But the cake turned out fabulous an I assume everyone enjoyed it.

I sorta left before they did the cake cutting....I couldn't bear to see it cut into and boy was I glad I didn't stay!  You know the part when the bride and groom feed each other cake and someone ends up smooshing it into the others face....well this turned into an all out food fight.  WITH THE CAKE!!!!  That I spent 3 days FREAKING MAKING!!!!  I was not impressed.  But of course I had to laugh and smile and say thats funny BLAH BLAH FREAKING BLAH, all the while I wanna cry.  All that work demolished!  I'm pretty sure nobody ate the cake and if I knew it was gonna be like that I would not have spent all that time making sure it was edible and pretty.  I felt like it was a complete waste of my time, the 4 grand it took to fly us there and a slap in the face.  I will never waste my time and energy in stressing out over something like that again.  I can understand having to cut the cake and eat's inevitable, BUT A food fight!  COME ON!!!!

Finally!  Its feels to good to let that out.  It's been pent up inside since the wedding.

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