Sunday, November 28, 2010

Road Trip!

I had a road trip this weekend...I did, I did! 

Unfortunately it wasn't a fun road trip.  It meant that I had to drop off my oh so fabulous husband at the airport so he could go back to his not so fabulous job in the frozen arctic tundra.  BLECH!!!    I miss him already and it's only been a few days.  On the plus side, to visit....wait for it.....AN HONEST TO GOODNESS REAL LIFE FABRIC STORE!!!!


LOL.  It was beautiful!  I nearly had a tear in my eye.  After 5 long years of living so far away from a fabric store I have one relatively close by.  I was in heaven.  I only wish I could have enjoyed it for much much longer.  Alas I could not.  We, and I mean 4 very small boys, had just traveled 3 hours to the city, so they had pent up energy and were going CRAZY!  This is not exactly the ideal way to visit a fabric store.  I managed to quickly get a couple of zippers for alterations (another BLECH), a package of pins, and a meter and a half of batiste cotton.  While my kids complained about how boring it was and layed about and wiggled on the floor or screamed from my arms. 

I'm planning on going the near future...without the monsters.  Being in that store was such a horrible tease.  I need to spend hours drooling over the fabulous fabrics.  I just hope I'm not disappointed.  I'm finding lately that my expectations have gone through the roof and am finding it hard to be completely satisfied...

"what do you mean you don't have linen?"

"oh its a summer fabric so we put it away in the winter"

What about those people who want to purchase linen in the me for example.  Hmmmmmm.

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