Friday, January 28, 2011

Time To Start What I've Been Putting Off and Other News.

I hate doing repairs on things...Especially replacing zippers in jackets.  Even more so when the jacket's I'm fixing smell like stale cigarette smoke.


Oh well, it's money.  I have 3 to fix by Saturday.  No problem. 

Instead of doing zippers I have been playing at drafting a pair of breeches for the hubster.  He actually told me that before I can make anymore girly dress stuff I have to make him an outfit.  Yippee!  I have him hooked.  I picked up a dark green ladies long jacket at the thrift store for 6.50 which should have more than enough fabric to make a Frock coat for the hubster.  I'm also gonna try and keep my eyes out for a large enough pair of fine wale corduroy pants to make the breeches after they have been muslin'd and fit. 

I also have to finish cutting out the stays for Sam and sew up the prototype.  Hopefully I can do a better job at taking pics and blogging about the process.



  1. Let's hear more about this Sam character, she sounds very interesting:)

  2. She's wonderful, fabulous, and loves to play fabric with me....:D