Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Silence.....

I've decided to try something.  To be silent.  No talking, to communicate through movement, body language and facial expressions.  It may seem strange but I need to do something like this.  I get stressed out very easily and when I get stressed out I get anxious, irritated and angry.  It feels like I am this way ALL the time.  I don't like how I am when I am like this.

I yell and scream. 
I'm not calm, I'm not at peace. 

I'm hoping that silence will give me a chance to learn how to control my reaction to those triggers that make me angry.  Because by not yelling and  screaming I can learn to do it another way.

I've been silent for about an hour now.  I am finding it hard....I have a tightness in my chest and throat.  I'm freaking out, it's weird.....panicky.


  1. Katie - thanks for finding and visiting my blog and joining the other readers to follow me. ( I will take a peek at your blog and follow along as well. How did the day of silence go? As a stay at home Mom - how did the kids take it? I totally know what you mean about bursting at the seams and not wanting to - wanting to channel the negative energy in a more productive and peaceful way. I like morning papers - Julia Cameron's way of spilling it every morning - unedited - no one reads but you and it helps me clear the cobwebs and start the day fresh. Check out the 'Artist Way' by J. Cameron. Cheers...oh, you have some cool topics I can't wait to peek and read. :)

  2. I have been following you're blog for a little while now. You have some real down to earth topics that a lot of people can relate to.

  3. Well I'm sad to report that I never made it through the day....It was so tough and at times I forgot that I was supposed to be silent and not speak. I had hubby there to help with the speaking part but I found it more stressful to not speak that to speak, if that makes sense. lol. I don't think the end result was what I expected. I was hoping for a way to calm myself and it sorta did the opposite. I like the suggestion of the morning papers. I will have to try that, it looks like it could help de clutter everything that runs through my brain. Thank you! :D