Monday, January 24, 2011

The Lego Cake.

Boy have I been busy working on this an that lately.  I finally got the 18th C Polonaise done, so I'm free to work on other sewing projects now.  Yippee....

Recently my oldest son had a birthday...he requested a lego themed party and of course one of the main things he wanted was a lego shaped cake.  Its not my best work BUT I did what I could with the limited supplies I had.  Everyone enjoyed it!

Hope you do too!

I made the rounds with a cookie cutter and "dirty" iced them before forming the fondant over top.
I used the Plain Eggless cake recipe, an Italian buttercream, and fondant.

It has a few dents in it, thanks to my wonderful kids who couldn't stop touching it.....

"I'm just looking"

"Ya, with your fingers"

One of my favorite sayings "Look with your eyes, NOT your fingers"


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