Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happily Sewing Along!

Well, I haven't done much for sewing on the polonaise this last week or so.  While I enjoyed  a wonderful holiday it was still quite sad!  DH days off coincided with Yule and Christmas this year, as did my girlfriends days off.  The kids were upset to say the least that this year we wouldn't be celebrating Christmas.  That we would instead be celebrating Yule, a more pagan holiday that means a lot more to me than Christmas. 

I had asked the family to not send anything for Christmas and a few of them listened.  It was such a change from the previous years.  Usually the kids gets loads of presents and by the time they are done opening gifts they are so wired and crazy, they start to have melt downs.  Most of the toys they receive get played with for about a week before they are broken or left forgotten on their bedroom floor or strew across the my house.  This year I bought 2 presents for each boy, my mom sent 2 gifts  each , and my SIL sent one combined gift for them.  The change was amazing!  They actually appreciated their gifts and we ended up  having a wonderful day SANS meltdowns.

It was sad in a way tho to end a tradition of celebrating Christmas for thge past 29 years and start a new tradition.  After supper we light the Yule Log (candles in the fire place) and we read stories to the boys of the how the gods created the earth and man, of how and why the seasons change, and the great battle between the Holly King and the Oak King.  The boys especially loved the battle!

We did celebrate Christmas in a way.  My GF and her DH had never eaten a traditional turkey supper so I made on for them....I have never eaten so much in my life...I woke up at 2 am with turkey sweats...I kid you not!

Boxing day came and the GF and her hubby left and took my DH with them.  It was a big let down having a house full of people to being on my own.  Definitely miss my friends and my family more so this season becasue of the move.

I am looking forward to the new year.....

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