Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Direction is Forming....And Another...And Another!

The direction for my first designs is forming....Dresses and skirts, in light diaphanous fabrics reminiscent of the flapper.  Beading, easy silhouettes,'s the kicker.  Each one will be unique in that I will try to use reclaimed fabrics for the majority of the piece.  EIther fabrics I have already bought and are in my stash or fabric, clothing from the thrift store, AND I will try my hardest to find natural fibres.  I hate polyester!

Wow in the few hours that since I started writing this post I have moved on to other ideas, which have nothing to do with the direction of the Modista line....Sometimes my mind is crazy, and jumping form one thing to another.  It's a surprise I don't have whiplash!   I have always had a tough time finding a bra that fits and is comfortable.  I hate them, but without them I have not so nice looking waist bags, erm....boobies.  LOL!  And since I have been stuck in the past....a few centuries ago, when it comes to clothing lately.  It just dawned on me to make a set of transitional stays.  What you ask are transitional stays?  Well they are more in keeping with a natural form of the body rather than turning it into a conical silhouette that was popular in the 1700's.  They were used at the latter part of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th Century, hence the name transitional. 
1790's from Kent University
Now that looks comfy batman.  It forms to the natural shape of the body and looks like it will give the girls support without digging in all the wrong places.  The BEST part!?!?!?   No underwire!  Can you imagine this made in a pretty printed cotton or lace?  I can!


  1. May be when you come for a visit we can do a fitting for it. It definatley has to be fit perfectly.