Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Hat of Prettyness

I finally finished it....the Hat of Prettyness..... I love it!  I made it to match the polonaise, using some of the leftover peachy pink linen for the hat bag.   Now I have something to wear while strolling along the lane in the bright sun.  I hope to find some more feathers, maybe an ostrich feather or two. 

I found the straw hat at Micheals.  It was a basic farmer hat and I cut the top off and reshaped it by soaking it in water and pinning and weighing it down with cans to get the shape I wanted.  I used cotton lace around the brim, which I tea stained so it was off white.  The puffs I made from a strip of silk gauze I had.  The flowers, feathers, and bird are dollar store finds (I also used them in my hair here)


  1. THank you! I wore it out to an event and it just finished off my gown so beautifully.

  2. How beautiful! You just have to love the little bird :D