Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Saque....Or the gown I almost killed myself to make in a week!

So here are more photo's of the Robe a la Francais that I made for a wonderful lady in the Regiment. Mrs. L provided the fabric, a silk dupioni, and requested that it could be done by the celebration for Robbie Burns. 

I warn you...Its going to be SUPER heavy with pictures!  But I think you'll enjoy that. The only thing missing is the trimming.  She also wanted cuffs and decoration which were to be done later.  As it is LATER now, (LOL), I am almost finished on the trimmings and will post pictures soon. 


The stays were hers and the pockets I made for this gown.


  1. Such a pretty color and a pretty dress!

  2. It's looking just beautiful! Well done, you!
    You might like to visit my blog and see my new gown as well~