Monday, February 27, 2012


So I really wanted to buy some vast quantities of silk for a Robe a La Francaise for myself, but the hubbykins has vetoed THAT idea and proposed another:  Sell some of the fabric that I'm NOT using so I can buy the stuff I want.

WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!!!  *can you hear the horror in my voice?

Once I got over the initial shock of SELLING  "my pretties", (think golum, LOTR), his idea actually had some, yes....some, merit.  LOL. 

So I trallahed to my sewing room and started looking at my stash and realized I've had fabric in their from years, and years, and years, and maybe a decade too, thrown in for good measure.  :D

I've started listing them on in my shop, So have a jaunt on over and check them out.  Maybe they will inspire you like, they inspired me.  Honestly, they want to come home with you...They are tired of being left alone with no purpose, except so sit on a shelf and wait.  Wait for a gentle caress as it's lovingly stroked and layed flat...erm....

Ahem, yah so, like I was saying, fabric for sale....check it out!  Here's the link to my store:

The Naked Catwalk/LuxaRose Apparel on

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