Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Costuming Addicts Rant!

I am in complete and utter dismay at the fact that there is no costuming events to go to here in Fort McMurray. As a girl who loves costuming and wearing costumes, I feel that there should be. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way I do? I wonder in my mad and crazy world if I could actually pull it off and plan something. A huge Mardi Gras masked ball or Jane Austin Tea or SteamPunk soiree, not the trashy costume balls like they have at halloween in the bars with two strips of fabric barely covering a woman's boobs and butt! The return of glamour and yards and yards of lace and silk.....Marie Antoinette style! Then I could justify my obsession with making costumes.

My husband challenged me one day after watching the movie The Secret of Moonacre, to make one of the frocks the main actress wears and to wear it downtown into the stores and such. Part of me screams YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I"LL DO IT!!! The other part is what's the point nobody would appreciate the skill and time involved in making of it!

Here are a few pictures of some of the costumes.....Enjoy!


  1. would be the only one wearing a costume...cause none of us can sew...and there are no costume stores either.

  2. I am totally just seeing this for the first time but honey, in this day in age if people can buy and wear $500 dollar distressed jeans and look like a hobo for $1k then you can wear a well made frock of the 1880's variety and enjoy it. Heck, people wear what ever they want, why not you? In actuality, friends and I have dressed up in 1890's to go to the opera and then dinner afterwards, or gone to dinner for someone's birthday dressed in 1880's or 18th century. People always ask - are you in a play? why are you dressed like that, our standard answer is "doesn't everyone dress for the opera? Dinner? have fun.