Friday, June 24, 2011

Busy Beaver....

So I've been insanely busy the past few months, both with sewing and with everyday life.  The hubby lost his job, so I was a mad scramble to find a new one and to put the hous eon the market so we weren't paying for two mortgages.  Yesterday he signed the last of the paper work and the house is officially sold! 


He is currently on his way across Canada with the last of our possesions from the old house.  Its been almost 6 weeks since I've seen him last and boy do I need a break.  Being a single mom is hard!  I'm so thank full that I don't have to work and look after the kiddos....Big Kudos to those that do! 

I have been working on a few different things over the past 6 weeks: modern bridesmaids dresses for the fabulous Miss A, breeches for the boys, shirts for the boys, a brunswick for Miss Mary, Stays and a muslin for Mrs. S, and a camp dress for myself as all I have is the pink polonaise, which is completely unsuited to camp life! 

I finished it with time to spare....2 weeks till the Liverpool event.  2 Weeks!!!!  I never get my own things finished with that much time to spare.....LOL!

Here are pics of the lovely camp dress....

I had to polonaise this one as I cut it very short.  I forgot to cut out the sleeves so I had to take enough off the hem to do so....Stupid rookie mistake!  lol.  Its also closed with hook and eyes and there is a little rippling at the bottom where the point is, that is really irritating to me.  Its made out of Linen and lined in linen.....Enjoy!

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